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Specializing in Criminal Law

25+ years of experience

   Types of Offences :​

  • Driving Offences (DUI)

  • Regulatory Offences

  • Breach of Court Orders

  • Fraud

  • Theft

  • Youth Offences


Facing criminal charges is an overwhelming experience with significant personal and professional repercussions. Having an experienced criminal counsel on your side is crucial in order to get optimal results. Daigle & Associé(e)s specializes in criminal law so that you are confident and reassured your interests are well represented.

Criminal Defense


Daigle & Associé(e)s offers quality legal representation on select cases and niche services so you feel dignified through the criminal justice system. As such, we exclude cases that deal with organized crime, violence, repeat offenders, drugs and Federal charges. 



We offer appeal services to assist clients and other lawyers who need specialized assistance on the complex appeal process. 

Trial & Appeal Assistance


We offer specialized assistance to clients and other lawyers who require experienced litigation knowledge, trial organization needs, rules of court, evidence law, brief writing, etc. 

« À la Carte » Services


Legal services at Daigle & Associé(e)s can be offered « à la carte », known in the legal field as unbundled, where you retain control of your file and hire us for select tasks that need our expertise.


Reviewing the Laws
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Our Firm

Founder of Daigle & Associé(e)s, Gilles Daigle, has over 25 years of experience managing thousands of criminal cases. The firm now offers its extensive experience and skill in litigation to the public.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing  We are guided by a solid compass of integrity, compassion and honesty. There is no alternative.


Creative Leadership – We strive to be the most prepared in the room through our attention to details and creative mindset.


Passion for Progress – We are committed to building a culture of innovations to find better ways to work within our industry for the benefit of our society.

Our Services


We offer legal services in both official languages across New Brunswick and the Maritimes. Our office is located in Moncton, NB.

Our Lawyers

Gilles C. Daigle, PC, BBA, LLB

Law Society of New Brunswick - 1995

Julie B. Daigle, BA (Int.Rel), JD

Law Society of New Brunswick - 2020

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Fax: (506) 856-8093

80, rue Archibald Street

Moncton, NB E1C 5J1

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